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Know Thyself Workshop

Week one - Fresh perspectives on self: exploring the different ways we might identify ourselves (zodiac, birth order, Myers-Briggs, etc), and deciding Does this fit who I see myself to be/who I want to be?


Week two - Connecting with our inner “true” self: exercises that help us uncover “who we were, before society told us who to be” - this will be a series of exercises designed to get you thinking about YOU


Week three - Acceptance: talking about both acceptance of self, and acceptance of other people - including (but not limited to) who you are today, loving yourself as you are, self-compassion, seeing people as their whole selves (not just the peaks and valleys of their best and worst qualities), and giving people the gift of compassion.


Week four - Emotions as a guide: the four quadrants of Intense/Mellow and Like/Dislike that all emotions fall into, and what our emotions are trying to teach us


Week five - Self love and self worth: what is your self-worth, what self-love offers in your relationships to others, improving boundaries, dreaming small and why that's a good thing, and imposter syndrome: where do you experience it, what are your triggers, and how to use self-compassion and past experience confidence to move through it