Your event is going to rock.

You need rockstar speakers to make that happen.

From local Chamber events to beautiful stages in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, I've shared personal stories with the aim of connecting and inspiring.
I believe in energy with action
I'm not just a motivational speaker; I engage the audience in activities custom designed for the event so they walk away with something tangible and actionable at the end of the day. Something they can build upon day after day, while remembering all they learned at your event. 
The topics I speak on include:

Decision Making

We make thousands upon thousands of decisions in our lives.


How often do you think, "well that was a bad decision"? This presentation is all about making better decisions based on your strengths, needs, and ultimate goals. 

Core Values

Plenty of people talk about core values, but I teach how to use your core values.

By naming, defining, and evaluating our values, we can:

  • decrease stress

  • increase peace

  • make better choices

  • improve relationships

Finding Joy

Society today is full of snake-oil salesmen that want to sell you "happiness". 

The truth is, by using a mix of tools and techniques, full-out joy isn't as far off as we tend to think. Learn how to apply some key tools to your life, and unlock your personal bliss.

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Tress gave a talk on making tough decisions at a women's event in Ann Arbor, and it was incredibly helpful!


She provided us with easy to understand principles and action steps we could take right away.


She also shared her own personal story which was both inspiring and touching.


I would recommend Tress highly as a speaker at any event. She is genuine, polished, and professional. 


~Janelle R.