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multipotentialite musings: tools and techniques

As a self-identified multipotentialite, I've tried loads of tools to help me organize, vision, set goals, and "achieve"...they might leave me feeling mildly inspired if they're really good, but most of the time they leave me feeling meh at best, and overwhelmed and daunted (and therefore totally frozen in place) at worst.

Here are a few I've given a shot (or several) that haven't panned out very well for me:

Large financial goals - like make 6 figures a year!

BHAGs - ok a big hairy audacious goal feels both overwhelming and restrictive. If it's that big, I feel like I can only pick one (I mean come on, that's a lot of steps and a lot to focus on, right?!). I cannot just pick one. It's not in my nature.

Quantifying what I do or what I'm working on - examples: reach 1 million people/sell 100,000 books - eh no. I've got to do stuff from the heart, and make it up as I go. Whatever happens, happens. I'm learning to adjust to being cool with that, in a world that's driven by KPIs and ROIs and numbers numbers numbers.

Visioning exercises - again, I don't want to and I can't just pick one thing to focus on and imagine. I can very vividly imagine being:

  • in a bookshop in a hidden alley in a small town in Scotland

  • on a warm and sunny beach

  • snuggled up on the couch watching a documentary

  • in a coffee shop with a client, discussing their values and direction in life

If all of those feel equally real and attainable, how am I supposed to just pick one?!

For lots and lots of people, these tools and many others are super duper great and I think that's genuinely awesome. For me, these tools are more anxiety than ah-ha.

The tools and techniques that do work for me?

  • living by my core values

  • letting my life priorities guide me

  • intentionally taking action

  • understanding my personal formula

  • creating my own rituals and habits

  • knowing what to say yes and what to say no to

  • embracing joy, where and whenever it shows up

If you, my multipotentialite friend, are ready to let go of tools that don't work for the way we see the world, and are ready to instead embrace your way of doing things, let's talk. Your first session with me is complimentary, and there's no obligation to continue if it isn't the right fit for you. The only risk is you continuing to follow someone else's rules for your life.

Break the rules. Write your own. Savor your life, as only you can.

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