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Efficient, peaceful, decisive, practical, effective

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DIY Coaching

Pay what you can

No 1:1 included

Know where to put your focus, and when. Spend your time, money, and energy in smart ways that bring you you what you're after in life.

You know how to get shit done. But, it's frustrating doing things the slow way. No more trial and error, you're ready for a roadmap that will get you where you want to go.

DIY Coaching is made just for you. Four exercise PDFs, plus video explanations, that you can work through at your convenience. 

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Everything will be right there waiting for you, and yours to use forever.

Power Hour

(1) 60-minute session


Get crystal clear on what you're spending your time and energy working toward. Know your next step(s), when to execute, and where it will ultimately take you. 

All talk and no action leads to regrets and frustrations. We know that the first step is often the piece that holds us back - just getting moving is where we stop ourselves. 

The Power Hour is designed for you. Use this time to gain new perspectives, be able to get out of your own head, and understand what's actionable and possible for you. 

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These single sessions can be scheduled as needed.


(8) 60-minute sessions

$800 + PIF bonus

Live your definition of success, be efficient and exacting in your focus, throughly enjoy your downtime and hobbies, and be tenacious in the pursuit of your goals. 

It seems like a tall order, but you're a determined person. You've taken on demanding goals in your past, and look at all you've accomplished for yourself up to this point. You are wise enough to see that what has gotten you here, won't get you where you truly want to be in your future. 

You're ready to commit to doing to the work - eight sessions worth - to approach your career with planning and strategy. Together, we'll go step-by-step through the necessary foundational pieces to get you out of your career crisis, and into work you can do with purpose and pride. 

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PIF bonus: an extra session for accountability and goal refinement