1:1 Coaching 

You're ready to make a change

I help people like you.

Does this sound familiar:

You've got a thousand unfinished projects in your past, and a million more ideas that you just aren't sure if you had the energy for...

You've worked plenty of jobs, but nothing has stuck as your career...

You've been curious about a lot of things, but never hit expert level...


Does that leave you feeling like you're never going to be a “success” in life?

Like you are forever playing catch up in a game where you don’t understand the rules?

I can help!

Hey, I'm Tress! I help people with lots of interests create a personal course map that leads you to a life of sustainable happiness!

What you have now:

  • too much stress

  • imposter syndrome

  • unanswered questions

  • confusion

  • unfulfilled dreams

  • anxiety about the future

What you want:

  • harmony among your many interests

  • more great days than bad ones

  • confidence in what are doing with your life

  • congruity in your days, without boredom 

  • joy in how you spend your time

  • a life that is fulfilling and meaningful

You can get there!

Coaching Program Options

Unify Yourself

Who is it for?

You are ready to create a life you love - work, personal, hobbies, all of it! 

You are fed-up with of feeling frustrated and uncertain in life. You are ready to embrace your enthusiasm for many different things, and use that to your advantage - sustainable happiness.

What do we do?

Together, we will do step-by-step exercises that cover:

  • project maps

  • core values

  • life priorities

  • enhanced decision making

  • creating an action plan

You'll go from burned out to revved up - and be able to move forward!

What does it cost?

3 months

9 coaching sessions (50 minutes each)


February special (only THREE spots left) $730

Unify Yourself+

Keep yourself moving forward

With the Unify Yourself+ option, you will receive the same three-month coaching as Unify Yourself

AND you'll then get three months of accountability check-ins.

Keep yourself moving forward, on track, and creating a life you love to live. 

What do we do?

You'll complete the three months of Unify Yourself and then we will work together for an additional three months of accountability tracking!

These sessions are the perfect tool to keep you focused and having fun. And, if you ever run in to obstacles in the road, I'll be right there to help you find a way through.

What does it cost?

3 months

9 coaching sessions (50 minutes each)

and then

3 months

9 accountability sessions (30 minutes each)


February special (only THREE spots left) $1170

How do I sign up?

Email me directly: tress@deeperdecisions.com and let me know you are a YES!

I'll send you the coaching agreement, your PayPal invoice, and the link to schedule your first session!

Tress in a polkadot dress, journaling

I'll never ask you to do work that I haven't already done myself. 

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